Getting Started

One of our key operational guidelines is "Make it easy for clients to do business with us!" Once you have had an opportunity to view our section and the rest of The H Group, Inc. site, and you feel comfortable proceeding, it’s very simple. Just call Michelle at (503) 371-3333 or (800) 285-6240 to schedule an appointment.

When you call, she will arrange for you to visit briefly and confidentially with either Larry, Brenna, Katherine, or Ron on the phone. If they are not already on the phone or meeting with clients, she will put you straight through. If they determine that we can add value to your situation (see What We Do), Michelle will book an appointment with one or more of us. She will also send you an introductory packet, which includes other helpful information.

The First Meeting
The purpose of this first face-to-face meeting is for you to determine if you would like to work with us, and for us to learn in more detail how we can improve upon your existing planning and portfolio management. (See Our Process). There is no charge for this get-acquainted meeting.

What to Bring
A smile, a handshake, and what’s on your mind are a great start. Most prospective clients find our Confident Progress Index™ very helpful in getting ready for the meeting.  It also helps us better identify your goals, concerns, and existing planning.  Although not necessary at the first meeting, a net worth statement, and our document checklist, will make the meeting more productive for all of us. The more we have at the first meeting, the more accurate of a fee quote we can give you (see Compensation Disclosure). When you decide to engage our services, we will eventually need more information.

Ground Rules

  • Everything is strictly confidential.
  • Since our existing clients always come first, we don't have time to engage in email recommendations and exchanges with prospective clients. The only email we will respond to is one requesting that Michelle call to schedule an appointment. We cannot send you any additional information until we have a chance to visit with you on the phone or in person.
  • If you are married, engaged, or in a long-term relationship with a significant other, both of you need to be present for the initial meeting.

Compensation Disclosure
We are a fee-only practice.  If you are seeking the lowest-cost advisory team, we aren't for you.  That's because we place a high value on the quality of what we do, objectivity, and our service.

We offer our clients three ways to take advantage of our fee-only wealth management expertise and years of experience.

In-Depth Analysis

The Planning Vision Process®, The Confident Retirement Vision®, and the Confident Legacy Vision®

Fee: $3,000-$8,000 agreed upon in advance, paid in installments. ($4,500 is typical.)

Works Best for...

  • People with many "moving parts," questions, and goals regarding retirement, taxes, education, cash flow, estate planning, and investments.
  • People who want an integrated approach.

Usually involves 3-4 meetings.

Portfolio Management with Ongoing Planning

Our Portfolio Management Plus™ Service

Quarterly Fee: 0.125% to 0.37% of assets we manage, depending upon account size.

Works Best for...

  • People who want full-time professional management of their serious money.
  • People who want regular reviews of their financial plans and other proactive services.
  • People who want no additional charges for question and analysis as things comes up.
  • People who have changing situations and goals, opportunistic planning on "the fly."

Hourly Consultation

Professional Support, Available only to Attorneys and CPAs

Fee: $250 per hour.

Works Best for...

  • Background information
  • Research, analysis, and calculations
  • Very specific questions

All fees are transparent. We receive no referral fees or compensation from product providers or related entities. We are independent. No parent company pays our expenses, subsidizes us, manufactures products, or imposes quotas. We are fiduciaries committed to objectivity and your best interest. That's to your advantage.