What We Do

Our specialty is helping people with many "moving parts" and complex situations.  We do this for busy people who have goals and want to simplify their lives.  We do this for them four ways:

  1. Through our Planning Vision Process®, we offer custom-tailored financial plans that integrate all the moving parts.  
  2. Investment management
  3. Proactive, ongoing service
  4. Frequent communications and regular update meetings.

Larry Hanslits, CFP® | Brenna Baucum, CFP®

Areas Where We Help Our Clients
  • Putting All the Pieces Together
  • Investment Management
  • Qualified Retirement Plan Issues
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Family Business Strategies
  • Simplifying One's Financial Life
  • Retirement
  • Education Funding
  • Big Picture Tax Planning Strategies
  • Risk Management

While we would like to help everyone, our goal is to maintain an efficient practice with a very high level of personal service where every client is on a first-name basis.  We have two types of clients:  planning clients and investment management clients.  Some are both.  We accept new clients only if we can add value to their lives.

For financial planning clients we can usually add value if:

  • They have multiple, complex areas of concern that we can address, such as those listed above.
  • They are willing to pay our fees for Financial Planning engagements (See Compensation disclosure)

For investment management clients, we can usually add value if:

  • They have Investable assets of at least $500,000 OR
  • They have a professional practice or own a successful business

No two clients have the same situation, and we occasionally make exceptions. The best way to learn what we can or cannot do for you is to give us a call.  (See Getting Started in the Working with Us tab)