Our Process

Our federally-trademarked, unique processes allow us to better serve our clients and help you meet your financial goals.

We believe in working as a team. While it may be more labor intensive, this can produce better results and more depth of talent, insight and service.  It also provides plenty of back up. We call this The Team Advantage™.

Here is a brief listing of some of our major processes:

The Planning Vision Process®
Clients often tell us that the value of the planning we did for them was in the process itself and the questions we raised. This is the main process we use for all new planning clients. It encompasses seven steps, some of them are explained below.

The Confident Retirement Vision®
This process was the framework for Ron's book, The Confident Retirement Journey because it incorporates all the important factors you need to consider for a happy and secure retirement. We integrate quantitative information about resources, qualitative information about lifestyle, family issues, legacy goals, longevity, and personal life goals. Only when everything has been properly addressed can you retire with confidence.

Confident Legacy Vision® 
This process starts with the question "What do you want your legacy to be?" Then it helps you consider you're the many factors that go into designing a legacy for your family, your values, and your social concerns.

The Confident Goal Analysis™
Investment returns just don’t happen in a straight line, year after year. They can vary significantly from year to year. Using the latest in software and computing capacity, our process give you an understanding of the probability of achieving your goals. It’s not a crystal ball or a perfect tool, but it can help you make informed decisions

The Confident Progress Index™
This is a diagnostic tool for new clients to indicate their areas of concern or major planning issues for us to address. We encourage you to print this out and submit it to us prior to your first appointment.  For client update meetings, we have a separate index (The Confident Progress Update™) that our existing clients use to help track and measure their progress over the years.  

Wealth Management-Plus™
We manage individual portfolios for our clients with a primary focus on risk management and tactical asset allocation.  Because each client is unique, we offer four distinct ways to manage investments.

We manage our clients' investment portfolios on a fee-only, discretionary basis, based upon a written investment policy. (See Compensation Disclosure)  This gives us the ability to make changes as needed, while giving you the opportunity to do other things.

Our management fee also serves as a retainer for ongoing wealth management advice. (See The Team Advantage™)We encourage our clients to consult with us on all of your financial decisions. There are no additional charges for this service. That’s the “Plus” in Wealth Management-Plus™.