Getting Started

Simply give us a call. We will arrange to visit briefly and confidentially with you on the phone. If we agree that that we can add value to your situation we’ll set a time for you to visit us.

The First Meeting

The purpose of this first face-to-face meeting is for us learn in more detail how we can improve upon your existing plan and portfolio management. In addition, it is an opportunity for you to learn more about us and for us to determine if we are a good mutual fit.

What to Bring

A handshake and what’s on your mind are a great start. Bring any statements or paperwork you feel will be helpful for this initial meeting. Below is a list to help you pull together your thoughts and concerns. However, these documents are not required for the initial meeting.

Optional Document Checklist

Bring any of the items or any other paperwork you feel will be helpful for this initial meeting. Here are some suggestions:

  • Most recent statements of all assets, including:
    • Bank statements
    • Brokerage statements
    • IRA statements
    • Annuity statements
    • Retirement plan statements from work
  • Social Security estimate of benefits, if available
  • Most recent State and Federal Income Tax returns
  • Most recent pay stubs
  • Any other income sources: for example, rental income
  • Birth dates for you and your children
  • If college funding is a concern, what level of support would you like to provide for each child or grandchild?
  • Your current Wills and/or trusts
  • Insurance policy statements
  • Homeowners insurance statement
  • Life insurance policy death benefit amount, premiums paid, cash value. Please include policies owned by you or a trust, or any of which you are the beneficiary.
  • Disability policy benefits statement
  • Estimate of value of your home – property tax statement
  • Value of any other real property you own
  • Statement showing details of mortgages: remaining balance, interest rate, terms, payment amount
  • Please indicate legal ownership of all assets, including real estate