Planning With Us

We collaborate with some of the best in the business, utilizing their expertise with complex wealth design cases, technical questions, and the formulation of the firm’s investment policies. We also rely upon a very talented and credentialed staff to execute investment strategies and provide day-to-day portfolio management, research, compliance, and portfolio administration.

Our niche is helping people with many "moving parts" and complex situations. Most new clients are professionals, business owners and retirees. Most were referred to us by their friends, professional or advisors. Our clients seek long-term relationships with their advisors. They appreciate our knowledge and expertise, but it is our care and concern for our clients that they value most.

We accept new clients only if we can add value to their lives. We can usually add value to financial planning clients through the use of the Financial Planning Process to identify and address areas of concern.

For investment management clients, we can usually add value if:

  • They want to match their investments to their goals and objectives through the use of defined strategies and policies
  • They value prudent, time tested investment techniques
  • They want to delegate investment decisions to professional managers
  • They have sufficient assets for us to manage (the minimums may vary depending on your circumstances)

Client Concerns

Your Big Picture

Our clients seek our counsel and services for a variety of reasons. The items below are all important in their own right. But the answers to them may not have much meaning if they are out of context. Our approach to financial planning is to address these individual issues in the context of your BIG picture.

Simplifying One's Financial Life

  • Consolidated statements
  • Coordinate with other advisors
  • "One-stop" resource

Investment Management

  • Putting focus into investment strategy
  • Asset allocation and diversification
  • Managing risk
  • Active professional management
  • Objective second opinions

Retirement Plan Strategies and Issues

  • Retirement feasibility under a variety of assumptions
  • The probability of the retirement portfolio lasting beyond life expectancy
  • Pulling money out of retirement plans before age 59 ½ without penalty
  • How to invest and manage retirement assets
  • Tax-favored rollovers and withdrawals
  • Naming beneficiaries to create a "stretch IRA"
  • Which type of retirement plan to select
  • Roth IRA conversion analysis and strategies
  • Which payment option to select at retirement
  • Developing an investment policy statement
  • Dealing with “Required Minimum Distributions” at age 70 ½
  • Estate and income tax issues upon death
  • Reducing fiduciary risk

Income Tax Reduction

  • Management of capital gains tax on highly appreciated assets
  • Reduction of taxes on investment income
  • Stock option planning

Education Funding for Children and Grandchildren

  • Selecting most tax effective funding (UTMA, 529, etc.)
  • Forecasting cost and funding

Estate and Survivor Planning

  • Reducing estate and gift taxes
  • Maintaining control over assets
  • Passing assets on to heirs
  • Protecting the lifestyle of the family
  • Passing responsibility on to family members
  • Protection from delay and administrative expenses

Assure Lifestyle

  • Working toward increasing income from assets
  • Sustainable portfolio withdrawal rates

Managing the Value of the Family Business

  • Family business succession strategies
  • Liquidation planning
  • Business continuation planning

Philanthropic Objectives

  • Charitable gifting strategies
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Family foundations and supporting organizations