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Economic outlook?

Scott Maxwell - Friday, April 26, 2013

It’s funny how our outlook changes our view of things. Paul Krugman’s recent editorial talks about our “monstrously failed response to economic depression” and I have to say we just don’t see it in the same way. It’s an interesting piece, with just the bare minimum supporting facts and figures (a relief to some of us who think about “lies, damn lies and statistics”). Mr. Krugman has been hammering away at our failed policy response as a nation and as a world for some time, since before the defining events of 08-09 led us into the soft spot we find ourselves in.

And maybe it’s just the sunshine out my window but when I consider the gravity of the situation we found ourselves in 5 years ago coupled with the divergent beliefs of the two political parties I have to think we’re actually doing pretty well. Could things be better? Sure they could. Have we failed monstrously in our duty? I think not.

Mr. Krugman sees government as the solution for the world’s ills and the failure of our economy to provide enough well paying jobs as the failure of that government. It’s enough to make even the most raving optimists depressed. Just imagine; our nation’s welfare in the hands of badly dysfunctional government who simply can’t seem to pull it together.

Others see an incredibly dynamic nation doing its best in an admittedly imperfect way to make progress on a whole host of fronts and with an incredible amount of opportunity for all.

Young vibrant lady or old worn woman, which do you see?




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