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Welcome to The H Group, Inc. - Portland, Salem, and Boise

The H Group, Inc. is one of the largest independent fee-only wealth management and planning firms in the Pacific Northwest, with offices in Portland, OR, Salem, OR, and Boise, ID. Our employees and credentialed advisors are among the most experienced in the industry. We are a group of independent advisors who collaborate with one another and share the extensive common resources of the firm.

Our clients are busy people who want to simplify their lives. They recognize the value of their time - and of our expertise. They prefer to spend their time enjoying life and focusing on their families and careers, rather than trying to sort through the myriad of complexities in the increasingly difficult world of personal finance. By educating and empowering our clients, we seek to build a deep level of trust and rapport.

What makes us different?

Our planning approach and high standards. We strive first to understand your needs, then create a plan that works toward achieving your goals. We put your investment advisory and wealth management needs into the context of your big picture. Ongoing planning and advice are included in your portfolio management engagement.

What can you expect when working with an advisor affiliated with The H Group, Inc.?

We all have slightly different styles. But no matter whom you work with, you can depend upon your advisor for the highest in ethical standards, competence, client service, and professionalism. Not just from us, but also from the firm's professionals and administrative team that support us.

Please explore this site for additional information and insights about our firm and the clients we serve. We welcome your telephone call or email should you desire additional information or wish to speak personally with one of our advisors.

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